Poem from Eleanor

He was not perfect.
But he lived
And he enjoyed life
there is a reason why the list of former girlfriends (myself included) is so long
but also a reason why we all tried to let each other know.
The best dance partner ever
but also the most infuriating
I’d always thought he’d be there to irritate me into old age.
Today was good.
I almost miss him.
Tommo – put your teeth in.
xx E

The Good Doctor

Since my friend Guy let me know that Ian had gone he’s been in my thoughts most days. Remembering the times spent in his company. Annoyed that I won’t get to do so again. Reading the other messages here has both saddened me, and warmed my heart. I’m really pleased that other people share my feeling that Ian was something a bit special, and that he had a profound impact on our lives. He certainly opened my mind to other ways of being, and for that I’ll always be grateful.

Seeing Laurian’s message brought to mind a summer of laughter and beer, spent largely in the garden of the Dolphin pub. Great days, great people. (I hope you are well Laurian – the love between you and Ian was plain to see, and a joy to behold).

When I finally left Southampton Ian was one of a very small number whom I missed, and still miss now.

With love,


In Loving Memory of my Darling Ian

“On New Year’s Eve, I received the devastating call from Mac that Ian had died. I was in shock. A flood of memories engulfed me immediately…intensely…I thought I had already said goodbye, my Darling Ian years ago.

I have just returned from scanning the photographs and memories I wanted to share for Ian’s Memorial page. As I type, I cannot see clearly for the tears that are streaming down my face. I am in shock no more. I weep from the deepest part of me, where I loved Ian like no other…he was my first love, my greatest love…and will remain the love of my life. I loved him to the sun, moon and stars.

I consider myself blessed to have loved so deeply and to have been loved by him. How I admired him. How I adored him. How I respected him. How I listened to him. How our love shaped me into the Laurian I am today: a little battered and bruised but still standing strong like a Baobab tree, trying to live life with kindness, generosity, co-operation, tolerance, peace and love – all this Ian taught me.

He supported and encouraged my dreams to be an artist, listened with infinite patience as I plunked my way through my guitar and first songs and he encouraged me to pursue technology…he held my hand when I fell…and lifted me up…high.

When we last saw each other in Cape Town, the knowledge that our time together had come to an end weighed heavily upon us…I thought I would die from a broken heart. In the years that have past, my heart has continued to beat…marking time…tightly locked away in fear to avoid the pain of loving with an open heart again.

As the tears have poured down my cheeks…I have felt my heart opening again: this last time to release my grief and sorrow…perhaps it is his final gift of love to me.

I am thankful that I experienced true love with him, a great, gentle, kind and giant of a man…in the end, the only thing that matters is the love we shared.

Good bye, my dearest friend – rest in peace, my Darling Ian – know that though you are gone, you will live on in the memories of the many people you loved and touched…and it is we who are the richer for having known you.

Overcountable love always,


Ian_Table Mountain-Cape Town_1997 Ian_St Albans Cathedral Gardens_1995  Ian&La_in love in Southampton_on the river_1996Ian&La&Ruth_London_1995Ian_the love of my life_Paris_1996Ian&La_recording studio_La original song_Wiltshire_1995Ian_Malaig-Scotland_1996Ian_Hermanus-Cape Town_1997 Ian&La_in love in Southampton_1996_2Ian&La_in love in Southampton_1996 

In Loving Memory of Ian Thomas

(from his thankful friend Louise, or Lou, from past days)

The brightness of Ian’s soul shone through the glint in his eyes and his almost permanent smile, a cheeky and alive smile, that never failed to attract strong bonds of friendship.

The passing of Ian has brought us all to this moment to stop in our tracks and remember the love that Ian emanated to the people and living things around him.

Ian’s life was a blessing. He had a spirit rich with appreciation of the beauty in the world. He was not a stranger to loss, yet he learned to channel the winds and storms into calm waters. Always there to soothe and give sustenance to the people that came into his home. And his home always had a glowing fire, whether in the lounge or the forest, the field or the hill, on chilly days there was warmth around Ian. And on warm summer days you could literally feel the glory of the green fields and quiet blue skies in the joy from his face.

His quick wit and fast ability to process information drew us all to learn and develop ourselves, to question and to conclude and to question again, to think is to be and so Ian brought these gifts of insight into our sight.

Ian was my whole world for a few years of my life, those years were precious to us both. We passed to each other our ways and left our mark on each others soul. I will cherish this mark, it has only ever been a source of pure and good energy.

I was touched to hear that after our days together closed, new doors opened for Ian. New friends and relationships brought him much joy. I see that sailing and understanding the stars were pursuits that personified Ian’s profound life. As an outstanding pioneer of the whole information technology revolution he never fell into the hole of trespassing on nature. His stature as a thinker never encroached on his humble manner and this potent mix created a great man.

Ian gathered energy from the forces of nature and friendship that endow us with life. And now his life is gathered and his soul is at rest and in peace. With peace this message is given and in peace may it be received. With love and gratitude to you all.

Lou in Israel.

From Mac

Galaxy M42  by Mac and Ian

Orion M42 by Mac and Ian

This is the last picture Ian took with me on the 10th of December, he was very chuffed and told friends about it at Christmas time, I will remember Ian every time i look up at night.
Goodbye old friend

Remembering Ian Thomas

We all have our own memories of Ian, this website is a place for them.

I first met Ian over a decade ago and he was a passionate believer in self-reliance and co-operation.  I was lucky enough to join Tantric Technologies Co-operative and work with Ian who was a great mentor and teacher professionally and personally.

I feel very lucky to have met Ian and counted him as a friend.  May he rest in peace.


If you have any memories of Ian  / photos you would like to share and would like them on this site please email me at roland at tantric.coop